NorthWestern Energy’s Lewistown to Absarokee Natural Gas Transmission System GIS Survey

The Project

Utility Mapping Services performed an ASCE/CI 38-02 QLB utility investigation including geophysical detection, 3D survey, and Geographic Information System (GIS) upload of Northwestern Energy’s (NWE) 179 mile long Lewistown to Absarokee natural gas transmission system in Montana in the winter of 2016, with follow-up in the spring of 2017.

The Challenges

Remote and rugged terrain required inovation

Inclement weather was a challenge

This project was in a remote and rugged area of Montana during inclement weather conditions.  In south central Montana there are limited CORS (continuously operating reference stations).  The limited CORS combined with the very rugged and remote terrain created several challenges for acquiring reliable geophysical and GPS survey data.  UMS, however, was able to overcome these challenges because of their experienced and innovative staff.

The Results

The GIS data is being used by NWE to develop a reliable base map and data set of this natural gas transmission system.  Maps and data sets resulting from this project will then be used by NWE for a myriad of applications including operations/maintenance, planning, coordination, construction, damage prevention, integrity management .

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