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Welcome to Utility Mapping Services Inc.

Established in 2002 Utility Mapping Service Inc. (UMS) is a Utility Engineering (UE) firm focused on the Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) industry.
We are experts in establishing the georeferenced position of existing utility infrastructure and then accurately depicting that infrastructure in accordance with Standard ASCE/CI 38-02 .

UMS combines state of the art geophysical, bathymetric, and survey Technology with discrete non-destructive test holes to designate utility infrastructure locations.

Measuring Utility Depth

Then with our data collection/management application and the latest AutoDesk® and Bentley® CAD software, we can help you develop BIM and CIM models with accurate utility delineations you can depend on.

Accurate and reliable 3D models lead to a better understanding of conflicts between utility infrastructure and civil projects. Equipped with that knowledge, project owners, designers, utility and facility operators, and contractors can plan accordingly and find resolutions to those conflicts before construction begins.

3D Model of Existing Utilities

All of this leads to a safer project with fewer delays and less potential for utility damage litigation - Reduced Project Costs!

Honolulu Rail Project (HART)

UMS provides these services for a wide array of public and private Projects within the US.


Hydrographic Survey


UMS also performs hydrographic and subsurface feature surveys enlisting our expertise and state of the art geophysical, bathymetric, and CADD Technology.


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