UMS Is Now Utilizing GeoSLAM™ ZEB-REVO To Accurately Map Underground Manholes and Vaults

Graphical representation of a manhole that was scanned with a GeoSLAM™ ZEB-REVO.

In 2018 UMS began deploying a GeoSLAM™ ZEB-REVO, a handheld laser scanner (LiDAR), to acquire utility manhole and vault QLA data during various SUE Phase II campaigns.  The results have met and exceeded the expectations of UMS.  In the opinion of Zack Winfield, Project Engineer with UMS, “Using LiDAR for gathering utility data in buried vaults and manholes has a number of advantages. [LiDAR] Increases safety throughout the process of acquisition (nobody is climbing in structures, nobody is sticking their heads down in structures)”


Go To GeoSLAM™ ZEB-REVO on OUR TOOL BOX page to find out more.

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