Key Staff

Philip J. Meis, P.E., Principal Engineer; Business Development Lead

Philip Meis, a registered professional engineer with a diverse background in civil design, surveying and mapping, geophysics, and data management, is well suited for subsurface utility engineering. In 2002 Mr. Meis co-founded UMS to specifically address and execute SUE as a rigorous geophysical and engineering discipline. He has provided SUE services on a national level since 1996. He has presented regularly at numerous conferences including: National Highway Joint Usage and Utility Educational Conference; AASHTO Subcommittee for R/W and Utilities; Design Build Institute; Common Ground Alliance; DOT state conferences in CO, MT, UT, MN, WA; APWA National Congress. Mr. Meis has published numerous papers advocating the use of SUE and new data acquisition and data management techniques.


  • M.S. Geophysical Engineering. Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO 1986
  • B.S. Industrial Engineering. Iowa State University, Ames, IA 1983
  • Licenses/Certifications:
  • Registered Professional Engineer – MT 12815, ID 9038, TX 88949, UT 5099195-2202, SD 7782, WY 10186, WI 38925-006, CO 37934, IA 18113, MN 44853

Membership associations:

  • ACEC; ASCE; SEG; MT Board of PE and PLS – Geomatics Advisory Committee

Rod Kent, P.E., Senior Engineer

Rod Kent is a registered professional engineer (NV, MT, WA, OR, AZ, ND) who has worked for UMS since October, 2006. Mr. Kent’s experience includes SUE project management and utility coordination in Montana, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. Mr. Kent’s’ experience in the utility industry includes 11 years as a design/project engineer with NV Energy (formerly Nevada Power Company) in Las Vegas. Prior to that, Mr. Kent spent 5 years as a Liaison Engineer with the Boeing Co. in Renton, WA. Mr. Kent is familiar with all types of utility systems and utility project issues. He has extensive knowledge of the national SUE standards “Standard Guideline for the Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data (CI/ASCE 38-02)”. Mr. Kent is focused on ensuring the quality and accuracy of the SUE project deliverables.


  • B.S. Civil Engineering. Montana State University, Bozeman, MT 1989


  • Registered Professional Engineer – NV 17147, MT 14989, WA 44004, OR 85343, AZ 57744, ND PE9700

Thomas G. Swafford, Utility Coordination Manager

Tom Swafford joined UMS in 2008 after serving with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) as the State Utilities Engineer. He is knowledgeable in all aspects of utility design and construction. He was “the expert” with WSDOT in Utility Accommodation and Project Delivery issues where he was involved in all statewide complex project utilities issues.

Since joining UMS he has managed multiple SUE projects for MnDOT and has served as utility coordinator. He was “the expert” with WSDOT in Utility Accommodation and Project Delivery issues where he was involved in all statewide complex project utilities issues.




  • A.S. Engineering Technology. Clark College, Vancouver WA 1977


  • Transportation Research Board – Committee on Utilities(AFB70); Damage Prevention Professional Advisory Board; Common Ground Alliance Conference Advisory Board

Cameron Greer, E.I., Utah Office Manager / Project Engineer

Cameron Greer is a graduate of MSU with a B.S. in Construction Engineering Technology. Mr. Greer is fluent in MicroStation V8i, GEOPAK, and Trimble Geomatics Office. He performs a large portion of the data processing and CADD development for SUE plans and submittals. He has spent time in the field surveying utilities and performing utility designating/locating operations, and therefore has a comprehensive knowledge of the entire flow of data from research and acquisition to final submittal, including coordination with designers. Mr. Greer also performs utility coordination services, and is adept in conflict identification, resolution negotiation, and agreement preparation.


  • B.S. Construction Engineering Technology. Montana State University, Bozeman, MT 2006


  • MT E.I. 18724

Regional Offices (406.933.5300)

Michigan – Arizona – Colorado – California – Texas – Iowa

Dave Hausmann, Senior Utility Coordinator

Dave Hausmann joined UMS in January, 2016 after serving with the South Dakota Department of Transportation for 39+ years. Dave held positions in the offices of Road Design, Right of Way, Project Development and for the last 23 years was the Lead Utility Coordinator. Dave was awarded the 2014 FHWA “Excellence in Utility Award” for the development, implementation, and evolution of the successful utility coordination program for SDDOT. Dave also developed a “Plans Reading Course” that teaches utility company personnel the basics of understanding the highway construction project. The course has been presented annually across the state of South Dakota since 2004 and has also been shared and implemented with other state DOT’s. In 2004, Dave chaired the committee that developed two state laws tailored to help displaced utilities on the construction project. SDCL 31-19-1.1 allows the SDDOT to purchase utility corridors and replacement utility easement and SDCL 31-26-23.1 allows the displaced utility to retain “future move rights” while releasing their existing easement rights. Dave is experienced in utility coordination and is knowledgeable in all aspects of utility and project design and the different utility/design options available to avoid or minimize the identified utility conflict on the construction project.

Jerry DavisJerry Davis, P.E., Senior Utility Engineer

Jerry Davis is a registered professional engineer in Montana and Alaska who has worked for UMS since 2014. Mr. Davis’s experience includes 15 years with the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Administration’s (PHMSA) Office of Pipeline Safety responsible for operation, maintenance and construction regulatory compliance of oil and gas pipeline systems in Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon. Mr. Davis’s experience also includes design, construction management, and oversite of operation and maintenance while working for the NRCS and the Bureau of Reclamation.


  • Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Science, Montana State University, 1985
  • Forestry, Associate Degree, Flathead Valley Community College, 1976


  • Registered Professional Engineer – MT 8331, AK C9739
  • NACE Level 2, Cathodic Protection Technician – 9810

Membership Associations:


Nate GreerNate Greer, Project Engineer

Nate Greer joined UMS in 2012 after working for five years as a Project Superintendent with Kiewit Infrastructure West. Mr. Greer’s expertise is in Subsurface Utility Engineering including utility coordination and engineering, geophysical detection methods, land survey, database and data management, quality assurance, preparing utility plans as well as coordinating with utility owners and design teams. Mr. Greer’s specialty is evaluation of existing utilities against preliminary designs, identification of potential conflicts, recognizing and engineering alternative solutions, and the review and/or proposal of value engineering alternatives.


  • Construction Engineering Technology, Bachelors of Science, Montana State University, 2007

Curt Fakler, P.E., Senior Engineer

Curt Fakler is a registered professional engineer (MN, WI) who has worked for UMS since 2015. Mr. Fakler’s experience includes SUE project management and utility coordination in Minnesota and South Dakota. Mr. Fakler’s Minnesota Department of Transportation experience included developing and managing the Metro District’s Utility Coordination Unit, Construction, Design and liaison with cities and counties in the Metro District. Mr. Fakler is familiar with all types of utility systems and utility project issues. He has extensive knowledge of the national SUE standards “Standard Guideline for the Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data (CI/ASCE 38-02)”. Mr. Fakler is focused on ensuring the quality and accuracy of the SUE project deliverables.


  • B.S. Civil Engineering. University of Wisconsion-Platteville, Platteville, WI 1984


  • Registered Professional Engineer – MN 19410, WI 25704-6

Don HainesDon Haines, Senior Engineer

Don Haines joined UMS in 2012 after an illustrious carrier with NOAA. In addition to Civil Engineering Mr. Haines’s expertise is in technology integration, surveying, and hydrographic data acquisition and processing.


  • Mechanical Engineering, Bachelors of Science, Michigan Technological University, 1987

Membership Associations:


Richard ManserRichard Manser, P.E., Senior Engineering Manager

Richard has more than 31 years of transportation engineering experience as a former employee of UDOT. He has contributed to UDOT’s culture of innovation through various multi-discipline assignments including working on multiple alternative delivery projects. Richard was Project Manager of UDOT’s I-15 Beck Street Reconstruction & Widening Design/Build, and Utility Manager of the Mountain View Corridor CMGC project. Most recently Richard served as UDOT’s Statewide Engineer for Utilities and Railroads. He understands utility coordination methods, legal requirements and the unique challenges that come with complex projects. Richard successfully led UDOT’s initiative to create the first 3D Utility As-Built database. He obtained SRP2 Implementation funds to 1) develop a user interface to UDOT’s 3D Utility As-Built database and 2) develop a utility coordination interface including correspondence, tracking, and agreement processing. Richard is active nationally in developing and promoting 3D Utility As-built standards.


  • M.S. Civil Engineering, Brigham Young University 1989
  • B.S. Civil Engineering, Brigham Young University 1985
  • Certified Public Manager, University of Utah 1990


  • Registered Professional Engineer, UT 171732-2202

Professional Affiliation

  • ASCE Utility As-built Committee
  • ASCE 38, (Guideline for Subsurface Utility Data) Committee
  • ASCE Construction Institute
  • ASCE Utility, Engineering and Survey Institute
  • Transportation Research Board Utilities Committee (AFB70)
  • AASHTO Sub-committee on Right of Way, Utilities & Outdoor Advertising

Clifford R. Meis, P.E., Project Engineer

Cliff joined UMS in 2016 after working for Aera Energy in Bakersfield as a mechanical engineer focused on reliability engineering. He has industry experience managing complex engineering and survey operations in California, Washington, Texas, and Montana. Since joining UMS Cliff has been instrumental in advancing UMS’s use of new 3D geophysical mapping technologies in hydrographic, pipeline, and utility mapping operations. New technologies include the IDS GeoRadar multichannel Stream C, SPAR300 electromagnetic 3D pipe detector, and the NORBIT AS iWBMSc multi-beam sonar.

Cliff is also a key player along with our Joint Venture IT partner Berenice in the development and implementation of WebGIS tools and practices for managing complex data sets acquired during survey operations. These WebGIS tools include the new™ GEOfeature™ application which manages spatial information along with standardized feature coding, attribution, digital imagery, and other data.


  • B.Sc., General Engineering, Mechanical Option; Minor Geophysics, Math; Montana Tech, 2012


  • Registered Professional Engineer, MT 47473, CA M 37620
  • SEAHORSE Geomatics 40 Hour – Bathymetric Multibeam Survey Training Course, 2017

Professional Affiliations:

  • ASCE Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute

Luke Cooper, Project Manager

Joining the transportation industry as a member of UMS in 2017, Luke Cooper currently leads SUE projects in our new office location of Houston, Texas. Bringing in ten years of geophysical, project leadership, client sales support, and seismic processing experience learned at Schlumberger, Luke enhances UMSI’s capabilities in Ground Penetrating Radar processing and anomaly identification, leading local SUE projects, and acting as a liaison to grow UMSI’s services into the southern US region.


  • B.S. Geophysics Texas A&M, 2003

Tyler F. Swant, Staff Engineer/Safety Officer

Since joining UMS in 2016, Mr. Swant has been involved with projects in Texas, California, Washington, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Montana. Mr. Swant is UMS’s lead in Autodesk applications such as Civil 3D. As the lead he uses UMS’s web-based georeferenced data repository, GEOfeature™ to develop point clouds that can then be used to develop CADD 3D models of subgrade features for our clients. Mr. Swant’s background in data collection and understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of various geophysical methods enhance his understanding of how to resolve disparate data gathered in the field.

Mr. Swant is also trained and has experience in performing hydrographic surveys using multi-beam sonar equipment.

Prior to UMS Mr. Swant specialized in water and soil data collection and management for Hydrometrics.


  • B.S. Geological Engineering, Hydrogeology option; Minor Geophysics, Montana Tech, Butte, MT 2012


  • HAZWOPER 40-Hour Hazardous Waste Operations Training, 2012
  • MSHA –24 Hour Newly Employed, 2012
  • C-Stop Training, January 2013
  • First Aid/CPR
  • BNSF Contractor Training, January 2013
  • Loss Prevention Safety Training
  • PADI Scuba Diving Certified
  • MDOT Flagger Safety Certified
  • SEAHORSE Geomatics 40 Hour – Bathymetric Multibeam Survey Training Course, 2017

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