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Kagy Boulevard – MT

Located in Bozeman, this project extends approximately 1 mile along Kagy Boulevard, from S. 19th eastward to Willson Avenue. UMS is currently completing the Phase I Designating effort which will continue into early 2016. Utility coordination efforts are also planned for this project later in the year.

I-90 Yellowstone – MT

This project is located in Billings and extends along the I-90 corridor. The project starts on the north side of the I-90/27th Street Interchange and extends northward to the I-90/Lockwood Interchange. Phase I Designating started in early 2016 with Phase II operations tentatively scheduled for later in the year.

SD 15 – SD

This project extends along SD 15 from the intersection at US 212 northward to 151st Street (near Milbank). UMS completed the Phase I Designating effort in late 2015 and anticipates the Phase II Locating operations will begin in mid to late 2016.

Mountain View Corridor  – UT

This freeway project in Salt Lake County and Utah County which will service 13 municipalities, will eventually be constructed as a 35 mile corridor between  I-80 in Salt Lake City and Main Street in Lehi.  UMS is currently completing Phase I utility designating and Phase II utility locating efforts on this project for HDR and the Utah Department of Transportation.

Trunk Highway 371 – MN

This Design-build project involves expansion of TH 371 from the city of Nisswa to the city of Jenkins, including the construction of Pequot Lakes bypass and other roadway re-alignments and connections.  UMS will begin Phase I utility designating operations in April of 2015.

SR 510 Gas Main – WA

Located in Lacey, WA, this project includes installation of approximately 1 mile of high pressure natural gas pipeline through a utility congested corridor.  UMS has completed Ground Penetrating Radar sweep, Phase I utility designating, Phase II utility locating and conflict identification efforts to identify an alignment for Puget Sound Energy.

Previous Projects

Columbia River Crossing

The Interstate 5 Bridge between Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington serves as a major transportation crossing for the whole west coast north-south corridor. This project will replace the existing mile long twin structures and corresponding interchanges on the Washington and Oregon shores with new multimodal twin structures. UMS is performing SUE services for this project which is expected to be completed in 2019. UMS has completed phase one SUE which has resulted in almost 1,000,000 lineal feet of utilities designated and over 5,000 conflicts identified. UMS is working closely with WSDOT and ODOT project staff to minimize the risk these utilities bring to the project. Phase 2 work will begin in June of 2012

Interstate-494 Minnesota DOT

This project encompassed two sections along the I-494 corridor that totaled approximately 12 miles. Included within the project limits were six interchanges with major roads and four “intersects” via grade separation with other roadways. UMS provided both Phase I Designating and Phase II Locating of the existing buried utilities within the project limits. This two-phased, iterative mapping approach was used to give the MN/DOT the ability to enhance the data in those areas where conflicts or irregularities existed. The project deliverables included a MicroStation utility reference file, utility database with MicroStation active tag geo-referencing capability, and a utility GEOPAK GPK survey data file. In addition, UMS provided utility coordination which produced preliminary Utility Information Summary (UIS) reports and preliminary utility conflict assessment analysis. This information allowed the MN/DOT to clearly identify the utilities within the project limits and to “flag” those areas where a conflict may exist. Finally, UMS provided training for MN/DOT representatives on field procedures, records research, survey and vacuum excavation methods, database development and data processing.

DM&E Railroad Build and Rehab -Wyoming, South Dakota & Minnesota

UMS provided SUE in support of the preliminary design and design-build process for 246 miles of new railway in Wyoming and South Dakota. The SUE work included Phase I Designating, Phase II Locating, and utility coordinating services. There were numerous crossings along the entire length of the proposed railroad corridor, with crossings occurring at public roadways as well as in agricultural areas.

3500 South Urban Expansion Utah DOT

The project limits include an expansion of an estimated 7,300 lineal feet of 3500 South corridor, including right-of-way at each of the intersecting legs. This project is located in a commercial district with heavy traffic which required additional traffic control planning to accomplish the necessary field work. UMS provided Phase I Designating, Phase II Locating and utility coordination services.

St. Paul Downtown Airport (Holman Field) Upgrade

UMS’ responsibilities for this project consisted of locating existing utilities during construction of the St. Paul Downtown Airport Upgrade. UMS accurate designating and locating of utilities mitigated any damage risks to utilities during excavations.

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