UMS has partnered with two firms to provide a superior SUE product for our Clients.  

Berenice International Group, s.r.l.

Together with Berenice International Group, s.r.l., an IT firm based in Rome Italy, UMS formed a Joint Venture (JV) called™™ specializes in data base repository software that is specific to utility right-of-way management.  Applications include in Right-of-Way Occupation Permitting and Management, Utility Planning and Management, As-Built Data Acquisition, Utility Data Management for project development including Utility Conflict Analytics, Utility Resolution Engineering, Utility Agreements, and Innovative Contracting for project delivery.

For more information go to™.

Site Services Drilling, LLC.

In Colorado UMS has teamed with Site Services Drilling, LLC for test hole excavations associated with Phase 2 SUE efforts.  UMS’s Colorado office is co-located with Site Services Drilling office in Golden Colorado.

Site Services Drilling, LLC’s vac truck excavating a nondestructive test hole for Phase 2 SUE.

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