Matthew Palmer, Project Geologist

Matthew Palmer joined Utility Mapping Services in September 2017. Prior to joining UMS Matthew worked in the oil and gas industry and enjoyed teaching university-level courses including Natural Disasters and Physical Geology.

Matthew has a Bachelor of Science in geology from Brigham Young University and a Master of Science in Geology from Texas Christian University. For his thesis he used LiDAR technology to create a 3D model of an ancient river point bar in Dinosaur Provincial Park to visualize and interpret the internal architecture of this feature. His work furthered the industry understanding of the complexity of point bars as hydrocarbon and water reservoirs.

Since beginning at Utility Mapping Services, Matthew has completed numerous subsurface utility engineering projects involving designating (using various geophysical equipment), locating, mapping, and surveying (RTK and Total Station) all types of underground utilities. His experience also includes project management, data processing and quality assurance, contract labor oversight, and database development.


Bachelors of Science in Geology – Brigham Young University – December 2012

Masters of Science in Geology  – Texas Christian University – August 2015


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